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3606 Series Mecanum Wheel Set (Bearing Supported Rollers, 100mm Diameter)

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Get your strafe on with goBILDA® Mecanum Wheels!  These wheels have been carried over from our metric build system due to popular demand.  The goBILDA mecanums are similar in size to the popular Nexus® HD Mecanum wheels, but have a few noteworthy changes to sweeten the setup.  With the goBILDA pattern on the wheel’s center section, you can nest a hub or adaptor down inside for a clean look that doesn’t add unnecessary width to your chassis.  This centralizes the load for a more solid setup.  For those concerned about the weight of your robot, these wheels weigh 315g (11.11oz) each as compared to the Nexus wheels which tip the scales a 400g (14.11oz) each.  By running goBILDA mecanums, you’ve saved just shy of a pound of rotating mass which equates to quicker acceleration.


Ball Bearing Mecanum Wheels

Product Weight 11oz (315g) Each

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