37mm Bore Bottom Tapped Clamping Mount

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This 37mm clamping mount is a popular option for mounting 37mm diameter spur gear motors.  Given the offset shaft of a 37mm diameter spur gear motor, you can rotate the motor within the clamping mount, prior to tightening the pinch bolt, to adjust the location of the motor’s shaft.  This is a great option when looking to achieve the proper belt tension, chain tension, or gear mesh within an assembly.  On the bottom of the mount, you’ll find two 6-32 holes which are on the 1.5" pattern (measuring 1.061" apart as it’s the side of the pattern).

Tech Tip:

Please Note: The deck height (center of the clamp to the bottom of the part) is different on this part than other bottom tapped clamping mounts in the Actobotics lineup. If you are meshing gears you will want to use a spur gear motor with an offset shaft to adjust the gear mesh.


Material Aluminum
Finish Clear Anodized
Weight 0.54 oz (15g)

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