39” / 195T, 1.50" Wide XL Timing Belt


These 1.50” wide, 1/5 pitch  XL series timing belts are constructed of Neoprene with fiberglass cords for superior strength and wear resistance. The 390XL belt is used on our Agent 390™ robot kit.

Timing Belt Type: Single-Sided with Trapezoidal Teeth
Timing Belt Series: XL Series
Pitch: 1/5"
Color: Black
Material: Neoprene with Fiberglass cords

XL Belt Schematic


Circumference / Teeth 39” / 195T
Material Neoprene with Fiberglass cords
Width 1.50"
Weight 3.39 oz (96g)
Belt Trade Size XL (1/5")

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