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The Servo Recorder/Playback Controller allows you to operate 4 servos one at a time or simultaneously. Each knob will control your servos up to 90°.  Simply plug in a battery or regulated power supply, plug in your servos, rotate the corresponding knobs and your servos will move proportionally to the knob movement. Once you are ready to record the movements, slide the selector switch over to record and then move the servos again. The internal memory stores all the servos motions and even the delay time between motions. Once you have recorded the movements and are ready to play them back, use the selector switch to choose between single or loop mode. Single mode will play the movements back once, loop mode will continuously play back the movements. All the servos can operate at the same time and the program can easily be changed. Since your program is stored on a chip, power is not required to maintain the program. Perfect for animation, robotic projects, pan and tilt systems or wherever you need the exact same movement each time. The unit will handle 4 servos simultaneously and will work with analog or digital servos. Includes machined aluminum case and instruction manual.

The Servo Recorder can be used as a simple servo driver or a complete servo motion recorder. Once the motions are recorded, you can select between single or loop playback. Recording time is 3 minutes.

Each knob is labeled as to which servo it operates. Move a knob fast and the servo will move fast, move it slowly and the servo will move slowly. In record mode it even records the time. Move the servo every 18 seconds, and in playback mode the servo will move every 18 seconds since it even records delays between servo movements. It records and plays back the exact speed, time and range of motion for each servo even at the same time.

If you require more (or less) rotation from your servo, please check out the Servo Travel Tuner.


Number of Channels 4

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