5000mAh NiMH Nested Pack Battery (Sub-C Cells)


DISCONTINUED This product has been discontinued.


Currently Sold Out

This product has been discontinued. It has been replaced by 3100-0006-0003.

This 6V battery contains five 5000mAh sub-C cells wired in series.  The high strand silicone wire has a built-in mini-blade fuse holder with a 20A fuse pre-installed.  The XT30 connector provides a secure connection in a small form factor.


Wire Length 4.72" (119.88mm)
Weight 12.3 oz (348g)
Wire Gauge 16AWG
Voltage (Nominal) 6V
Connector XT30 Connector [MH-FC]
Chemistry NiMH
Capacity 5000mAh
Cell Size Sub-C

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