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5mm Hex Clamping Hub

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This 5mm Hex Bore Clamping Hub works with the REV Robotics 5mm Hex Shafting used throughout the REV build system. The bore in the hub perfectly matches their 5mm hex shaft profile to create a solid, no slip solution for fastening components to their shafting.  The 6-32 holes are on the Actobotics 0.770" hub pattern so you can fasten an Actobotics wheel, gear, sprocket  or pulley  to the shaft with ease.  The clamping method of fastening, unlike using a set screw, is a non-marring solution that leaves the shaft you've fastened to unmarked and able to be reused time and time again without showing wear.


545690 5mm Hub Schematic

Product Weight 0.31oz (9g)
Material Aluminum
Coupling Style Clamping
Hole Pattern 0.770"

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