12V Heavy-Duty Linear Actuator (225lb Thrust, 0.3"/sec, 8" Stroke)


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Heavy Duty Actuator Schematic

X = Center to Center







30-1 gear ratio (HDA) tableActuator Potentiometer Wire Schematic

Feedback Wiring Schematic:
White - 10K Pot Reference
Blue - 10K Pot Wiper (Position Signal) 
Yellow - 10K Pot Reference

Tech Tips:


Stroke 8"
Operating Temperature -26°C ~ +65°C
Motor Type 3 Pole Ferrite
Feedback Style 10KΩ Potentiometer
Gear Material Metal Gear Train, Nylon Pinion
Wire Length 24"
Weight 45.1 oz
Voltage Range (Recommended) 6V - 12V
Speed (No Load)* 0.30” per second
Gearbox Style Straight Cut Spur
Gear Ratio 30:1
Speed (Max Load)* 0.20” per second
Dynamic Thrust* 180 lbs
Static Load 500 lbs
Current Drain (No-Load)* 600mA
Current Drain (Max Load)* 3.8A
Current Drain (Stall)* 15A
Potentiometer Tolerance ± 5%
Feedback Density 1.25KΩ / inch
IP Rating IP54
Duty Cycle 25% (25% on, 75% off)
Lead Screw Type 3mm pitch, single thread
Potentiometer Linearity ± 0.25%
Previous SKU HDA8-30

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