8mm Bore Side Tapped Pillow Block

SKU: Build System: Actobotics

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This pillow block is able to slide down inside channel and fasten from both sides.  The four attachment points not only provide an extremely solid way to mount the bearing but it the pillow block also supports the channel by tying the two sides together.  While Actobotics is considered an imperial build system, metric bearings such as these are handy for certain types of motion transfer.  An 8mm lead screw is able to pass through this bearing to create a linear actuator. 8mm smooth shaft is also able to slide through the bearing and would be great for building an XY table where a shaft can double up as support for one axis (using a linear bearing) while driving another (using a timing pulley).



Material Aluminum Housing, High-Carbon Steel Bearing
Weight 0.53 oz (15g)
Static Load 160 lbs
Max RPM 43,000
Bearing ID 8mm
Dynamic Load 310 lbs

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