Actobotics Potentiometer Board

SKU: Build System: Actobotics

The Actobotics Potentiometer Board offers a simple way to attach a potentiometer to a structure constructed from Actobotics components. The board has a 1.30” footprint which allows it to mount to any side of channel from the inside or the outside. Mounting the board with the 1.5” hub pattern holes ensures that the shaft of the potentiometer will be concentric with one of the ½” holes in the channel. This means that it’s simple to drive the potentiometer using our drive components such as gears, pulleys, sprockets, etc. The convenient 6mm diameter potentiometer shaft size is compatible with any of our 6mm bore components including hubs, couplers and gears. The .100” spacing row pins (2 sets of 3 pins are included with each board but not soldered in place) can be soldered to either side of the board to easily connect wires. Creating a servo drive can be done by driving the potentiometer with some moving part of the assembly and connecting it and drive motor to a motor controller with feedback. Or, creating a controller with a remote potentiometer can be done using this board and a controller that accepts an analog input. This potentiometer has a 270° rotation.

Includes: 2 sets of 3 pins are included with each board but not soldered in place.

Tech Tips:

Use 6-32 socket head machine screws and 6-32 tapped standoffs to mount this board (sold separately).


Connector Pins
Weight 0.28 oz (8.0g)
Resistance 5K
Rotation 270°

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