Actobotics® Servo Controller

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The Actobotics® Servo Controller is a compact 2 channel servo controller that is extremely simple to use while providing some very unique features. Check out the videos below for more product detail.

CONNECTION: Connecting servos can be done in one of two ways: 

  1. NEARBY (via Direct Connect)
    The servos can simply plug into the row pins on the top of the board just as they would on a receiver or regular servo controller. This option is commonly used when the servos are located near the controller and there’s no need for lengthy wires. 
    A CAT6 cable can be plugged into the CAT6 port and run out to our CAT6 receiving board and the servos would plug into the row pins located on the CAT6 receiving board. This setup is excellent for operating the servos from a long distance and provides a clean and inexpensive way to extend the servo wires. 

CUSTOMIZATION: While the servo controller is ready to run right out of the box the PWM signal range can easily be changed in order to tailor the controller to a specific application. The stock PWM range is set to approximately 1000-2000 usec (somewhat standard within the servo industry) which will cause most servos to rotate 90 degrees total (45 degrees each way from center). If you wish to change the range of the servo, the PWM range can be reprogrammed with a single button located on the circuit board. No computer needed!

POWER: The servo controller is capable of handling 4.8-7.4V nominal voltage which can be provided through the 2.5x5.5mm power jack or into the row pins on the top of the board. 

MOUNTING STYLE: The contoured aluminum box provides excellent protection for the board and fits well in the user’s hands. The tapped holes in the back of the box make mounting it to Actobotics® channel (or any other component utilizing the standardized .770” hub pattern) a breeze. This controller comes fully assembled ready to plug in and put to use.


Weight 0.28 oz (8.0g)
Number of Channels 2
Input Voltage Range 4.8V -7.4V

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