Actuator Piston for Open X-Rail

SKU: Build System: Actobotics

DISCONTINUED This product has been discontinued.


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The Actuator Piston for Open X-Rail is comprised of a 6mm Lead Screw Nut and an Actuator Piston Tube. The two pieces thread together and are able to slide into the bore of Open X-Rail. The nut is shaped like a skeleton key, indexing it in the open side of Open X-Rail so that as a 6mm lead screw is rotated, the nut is traversed up and down the bore, causing the piston to extend and retract. On the top of the nut, you’ll find 6-32 threaded holes to fasten a component such as a magnet or limit switch trigger to if your assembly calls for a mechanical limit or magnetic sensor.



Weight 1.3 oz (36.9g)

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