Aluminum Motor Mount B

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Aluminum Motor Mount B has a plethora of holes, and hence, has a broad compatibility. It is compatible with the following mounting patterns:

M3 x 25mm bolt circle (2 holes): Common mounting pattern in R/C car motors.

M3 x 28mm bolt circle (2 holes): Mounting pattern for some 36mm diameter planetary gear motors such as the REV HD Hex Motor and the Andymark Orbital Motor.

M3 x 31mm bolt circle (2 holes, offset 7mm from center): Mounting pattern for many of the 37mm diameter spur gear motors such as our Standard Spur Gear Motors, Precision Spur Gear Motors, goBILDA 5200 Series Motors and Andymark Neverest Classic motors.

This mount has threaded posts that allow the M3 screw heads that hold the motor onto the mount to rest below the mounting surface. The 6-32 holes are on the Actobotics 1.5" pattern so that it will align with channel and any other Actobotics part that has thru-holes on this pattern.


Material Aluminum
Weight 0.25 oz (7.2g)
Finish Clear Anodized

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