Anderson Powerpole PP45 Connector Pack (100 Red/100 Black housings, 200 Contacts)


DISCONTINUED This product has been discontinued.

$139.99 / 100 Pack

Currently Sold Out

This pack of Heavy Duty Series PP45 Powerpole connectors contains 100 red housings, 100 black housings and 200 contacts.  The PP45 connectors accept a wire gauge from 10-12awg and can be crimped or soldered onto the wire lead.  

Powerpole conectors are genderless, meaning the two mating connectors will appear identical to one-another.  By flipping one of the mating connectors upside-down the two housings slide together to create a solid and reliable connection.  

The housings have molded-in dovetails on all four sides that allow the user to create multi-contact power connections with ease.


Connector Anderson Powerpole PP45
Wire Gauge 10-12 AWG
Gender Genderless

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