DDP155 Base Pan

DISCONTINUED This product has been discontinued.


This product has been replaced by the Servo-Driven Base Pan Kit.

The DDP155 Pan system is a direct drive pan base that encloses the servo inside of an ABS tube for a clean and finished appearance.  This servo driven pan system works with any standard size servo that utilizes a 24T or 25T spline.  The DDP155 framework strengthens the servo by isolating the radial load from being applied to the servo.  The Servo Shaft Hub included in the kit slides through a ½” ball bearing plate before attaching to the output splines of the servo.  The top plate of the DDP155 pan system attaches to the Servo Shaft Hub using flat head screws so that the top surface is completely flat for ease of mounting sensors, cameras, etc.  The top plate has several holes throughout which align to the Actobotics pattern (.770” or 1.5”) or it can be left off for items that are able to fasten directly to the .770” pattern on the Servo Shaft Hub.  The ABS tube not only encases the servo but it also has enough extra room to add small electronics such as a battery and a receiver for full wireless operation.  Comes in kit form with all the necessary components and hardware for assembly.


Weight 13.76 oz (0.86 lbs)
Servo Spline Compatibility H25T or C24T
Servo Size Compatibility Standard size servos

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