DDT560 6" Tilt

This servo driven cradle tilt kit is constructed of 1/4” ABS plastic side plates tied together using aluminum components. The height of the cradle is adjustable by moving the servo and bearing mounts up or down the outside cradle. The inside height is also adjustable so that you can properly center the mass of the object to be tilted about the axis of rotation. The camera plate has numerous 1/4” width slots so that you can balance the mass of the object to be tilted in the forward and aft direction. This system is an excellent choice for point and shoot photographers using small video cameras or still cameras weighing in under 2 lbs with a body width of 6” or less. The Direct Drive Servo 6” Cradle Tilt can be mounted using the included 6-32 x 1/4” pan head screws. This tilt can be configured in the overhead or underslung position. The inside cradle range will only be limited by the range of the servo being used. For an open loop solution, you can use a continuous rotation servo. The included servo mounting bracket is compatible with any standard size servo with a 24 or 25 tooth spline. An aluminum servo horn will attach to the servo (using the factory servo screw) which is then mounted to the inside cradle. The opposing side is supported by an aluminum shaft that protrudes through 1/4” ball bearing and captured with a 1/4” shaft clamp. Comes in kit form. 

Servo Not Included

Included Parts:

  • (1) ABS Plastic Structure
  • (7) Aluminum Brackets
  • (4) Aluminum Standoffs
  • (1) ABS Camera Plate
  • (4) Screws to attach tilt to pan or other device
  • (1) 1/4-20 x 3/8” camera mounting screw
  • (1) All necessary hardware to assemble kit

Not Included in Kit:

  • (1) Servo
  • (1) Pan System


Maximum Payload 3 pounds
Weight 11.45 oz (0.72 lbs)
Servo Spline Compatibility H25T or C24T
Servo Size Compatibility Standard Size Servo

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