Dolly Wheel Drive Plate (2 pack)

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Want to motorize your dolly platform? We have a simple solution. Our Dolly Wheel Drive Plates make it easy to assemble a low friction drive system designed to work with 1” OD to 2” OD tubing (and any OD in between). We highly recommend using standard PVC pipe that can easily be purchased at your local hardware store. See the Actobotics® parts list in the Tech Tips section below for the additional components you will need. The parts listed below will work with most gear motors that utiltize a 6mm bore output shaft.


Dolly Drive Wheel Assembly:

PARTS LIST (items below sold separately):
(1) Dolly Drive Wheel Plates (pair) #585536
(2) Side Tapped Pattern Mount D #545324
(1) Side Tapped Pattern Mount B #545424
(2) 2.975” Low Friction Skate Wheels #595616
(2) 8mm Non-Flanged Ball Bearings #535034
(1) 6-32 x 1/4” Socket Head Screws (25 pk) #632106
(1) 6-32 x 9/16” Socket Head Screws (25 pk) #632116
(1) 0.5" - 0.140" Hole Reducer (4 pk) #633118
(1) 8mm Flanged Standoff #585488
(1) Motor Mount D (3mm screws included) #555132
(1) 6mm to 1/4” Set Screw Coupler #625106
(1) 2.5” Stainless Steel D-Shaft #634074
(1) Drive Wheel Adaptor Kit B #595634
(1) 1/4” ID (1/2” OD) Flanged Ball Bearing #535198

You will also need to select a Standard Spur Gear Motor based on what RPM you desire.



Material Acetal
Weight 0.05 lbs

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