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DPC-11 Servo Programmer

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The Hitec DPC-11 Servo Programmer is an extremely capable programmer in an affordable form-factor.  With this programmer, you can tailor the many adjustable aspects of a compatible Hitec digital servo.  It's computer interface so you'll need a PC with the free downloadable software, a Mini USB to USB cable and a 4.8-6V battery to power the programmer. 


  • Customize the Parameters of Hitec’s Programmable DXXX, HSB-9XXX, HS-7XXX and HS-5XXX Series Servo
  • Test Settings Prior to Servo Installation
  • Save and Load Servo Parameter Files and Restore the Factory Default Files with the DPC-11 Software
  • Download the DPC-11 Software to your PC

Click here for DPC-11 Installation instructions and Software.

Product Weight .192 oz
Interface Styles PC
Servo Compatibility Hitec’s Programmable DXXX, HSB-9XXX, HS-7XXX and HS-5XXX Series Servos


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pdfDPC-11 Manual(1.89 MB )Download

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