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Flexible Clamping Shaft Couplers

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Flexible clamping shaft couplers provide an excellent way to transfer rotational motion between two shafts that have the potential for a slight misalignment. These couplers not only clamp around the shaft but also have a set-screw that can be used as added security. The design of the flexible clamping shaft couplers provides excellent accuracy as no backlash is introduced into the system - perfect for high precision projects using stepper motors or encoders.

Flexible Clamping Shaft Couplers
4002-0005-00055mm to 5mm
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4002-0005-00065mm to 6mm
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4002-0005-00085mm to 8mm
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4002-0006-02500.250” to 6mm
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4002-0006-00066mm to 6mm
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4002-0006-00086mm to 8mm
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4002-0008-02500.250" to 8mm
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Flexible Couplers

Material Aluminum
Coupling Style Clamping

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