Hitec Linear Servo (2.0" Stroke, 0.6"/sec, 11.5lbs Thrust)



Weight 1.3oz
Stroke 2.0"
Gear Ratio 100:1
Voltage Range 4.8 - 7.4VDC
Operating Temperature -10°c ~ +50°c
Motor Type Brushed DC
Feedback Style Digital
Wire Length 6.3"
Connector Type 3-Pos TJC8 Servo Connector [MH-FC]
Manufacturer Part Number 41002
Max PWM Range 1050-1950μsec
Speed (No Load) @ 6VDC 13.0mm/sec | 0.5"/sec
Speed (No Load) @ 7.4VDC 16.1mm/sec | 0.6"/sec
Thrust @ 6VDC 4.2kg | 9.3lb
Thrust @ 7.4VDC 5.2kg | 11.5lb
Current Drain (Stall) @ 6VDC 500 mA
Current Drain (Stall) @ 7.4VDC 620 mA

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