M4 Hex Head Screws


M4 Hex Head Screws are excellent in low-clearance applications. Their 2.8mm tall head fits in spaces that socket head screws cannot. The hex head profile provides for perfect capture in 7mm hex counterbores, such as those sprinkled throughout the goBILDA® ecosystem. And since hex head screws can be tightened via a wrench on the sides, you don’t need any clearance above the head as you do with socket head screws.

SKU Length Price
2813-0004-0008 8mm
$4.19 / 25 Pack
2813-0004-0016 16mm
$4.79 / 25 Pack
2813-0004-0012 12mm
$4.59 / 25 Pack
2813-0004-0010 10mm
$4.39 / 25 Pack

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