Mini V-Wheel Spacer (4 pack)

$4.99 / 4 Pack

Mini V-Wheel Spacers are intended to be used with the Actobotics Mini V-Wheels.  The spacers have an OD of 5mm so that the bearing of the Mini V-Wheel slides over; the length is the same as the overall width of the Mini V-Wheel.  The spacer acts as a collar to keep pressure from being applied to the bearings within the Mini V-Wheels when a fastener is tightened down to hold the assembly together.  These spacers can be used in conjunction with our 6-32 standoffs if you want to create an overall height other than what we offer in the Mini V-Wheel Standoffs. They can be paired with a single 0.250" OD spacer so that a long screw can pass through both spacers and into a threaded hole or they can be used in-between multiple 0.250" OD spacers to create a 'Mini V-Wheel Sandwich'.  Check out the 'Build Ideas' images for some other great usage illustrations.  These spacers are sold in packs of 4.



Material Aluminum

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