Mini V-Wheel Standoff (4 pack)

$4.99 / 4 Pack

Mini V-Wheel Standoffs are intended to mount Mini V-Wheels to an Actobotics part that contains the 1.50" hub pattern.  The standoffs are threaded (6-32) on each end - the large end should be used to attach the standoff to a #6 thru-hole on a channel or bracket. The small end is turned down so that the Mini V-Wheel will slide on and then a 6-32 x 5/16" button head screw will hold the wheel in place with minimal axial slack.  When the Mini V-Wheel is installed onto a standoff the distance from the large end of the standoff to the center of the wheel is precisely 0.75" so that your build remains 'on pattern'.

Tech Tips:

As the name suggests, the Mini V-Wheel Standoffs are specifically for Mini V-Wheels.  A standard V-Wheel is wider and therefore a standard V-Wheel is not compatible with a Mini V-Wheel Standoff.  



Material Aluminum
OD 5mm to 0.250"
Weight 0.15 oz
Thread Size 6-32

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