Mount for 2.9” Swivel Caster Wheel

SKU: Build System: Actobotics

DISCONTINUED This product has been discontinued.


This aluminum plate allows you to attach the 2.9" swivel caster wheel to nearly any Actobotics component.  The plate is able to fasten to anything with the Actobotics pattern using 6-32 screws.  Counterbored thru-holes are machined into the plate so that the 6-32 screws are able to protrude up through the plate and into a threaded part.  When the swivel caster wheel is then fastened to the plate using the provided 1/4"-20 pan head screws the top plate of the swivel caster wheel covers the 6-32 screw heads for a clean, minimalist look.  The 0.23" thick plate combined with the 3.77" caster wheel height rounds out the overall height of the wheel and plate to an even 4".  Includes (4) 6-32 screws.



Material Aluminum
Weight 2.35 oz (67g)

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