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Plastic Locking Grommet

  • side view
  • shown mounted in 1.50" aluminum channel bottom view
  • shown mounted in 1.50" aluminum channel top view
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The Plastic Locking Grommet can be used to protect wiring, route cables, reduce vibration, act as bumpers between components or offer a grippy base to keep your project from sliding off the table. Be sure to match up the height (or panel thickness) and the hole size dimension with the component you wish to insert the grommet into for a proper fit.

Fits well in the 0.5" hole of our Actobotics® Channel.

636075-Locking-Grommet-schematic (A) = 1/2”
(B) = 1/32” - 1/8”
(C) = 3/8”
(D) = 37/64”
(E) = 13/32
Material plastic


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