PT2645-S Wireless Pan & Tilt System


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The PT2645-S Wireless Pan & Tilt System includes a fully assembled servo driven pan and tilt head and a Tactic TTX410 wireless control system. The receiver will come mounted to the pan & tilt head and linked to the transmitter to get you up and running fast. The 2.4GHz technology provides a reliable link and excellent range.  5lb payload.

Each axis of the pan & tilt head is driven by its own HSR-2645CRH continuous rotation servo (included).  This servo model is extremely smooth even at low speeds, its speed is very proportional and ramps up very linearly, it has excellent torque and it has metal internal gears to provide great durability.  

The PT2645-S is an open loop pan & tilt head which makes it ideal for applications where you don't want to return to center when you release the joystick.

Given that it's driven by servos, controlling options are vast.  For capturing the big game from a tripod, jib or mast you can go wireless which means that you can control the system from your favorite spot in the stands.  For a wired option, the JS-200 joystick is simple and compact or for those who wish to put their own spin on a controller feel free to use a Raspberry Pi or Arduino.  Cameras shown in above images are not included. Patented.


Ratio 7:1

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