Servo Gearboxes

Crank up the torque with a Servo Gearbox! The below gearboxes give you many options in torque, speed and rotation amount in order to power your robotic arm, tunnel hull outdrive, sailboat or any other creation you’ve conjured up that would over-tax a regular hobby servo.

goBILDA 3206 Series

The 3206 Series Servo Gearbox takes a Hitec HS-788HB servo and converts it into the monster servo it has long dreamt about being. The all aluminum framework acts as a servo mount, an exoskeleton and a pillow block all in one. The 32mm output tube is housed in a pair of bearings to allow for smooth rotation while isolating axial loading from the spline of the servo. The gear ratio between the servo creates the trade-off between rotation and torque. The HS-788HB is an eight turn servo right out of the box. By gearing the servo down it multiplies the torque at the final shaft so that the servo can be used in much more demanding applications. The clamping hub on the top of the shaft provides M4 threaded holes to fasten components to. The large center bore is a portal that can be used to run cables, wiring, shafting etc. through so that they don’t tangle or limit the rotation of the final gear

Actobotics SG12 Series

Driven by the goBILDA ‘Torque’ Servo, this gearbox is capable of 2450 oz-in of torque and over 1.75 turns while retaining positioning feedback. It runs on 4.8 - 7.4V and is the best bang for the buck option. Select your ratio, from 2:1 up to 7:1 to find the right balance of torque and speed.

Actobotics SG12 Series - Continuous Rotation

While similar to the standard SG12 Series Gearbox, this model is a continuous rotation (open loop) servo gearbox, meaning that it has no limitation to the amount of travel given the signal that it receives controls the speed of the gearbox rather than the specific position.

Actobotics SG20 Series

The SG20 is the king of Servo Gearboxes. It’s driven by Hitec’s flagship HSR-M9382TH, brushless, titanium geared, multi-turn servo for unparalleled performance. Pick from 5 different ratios to find the right blend of rotation, torque and speed!

Actobotics SG20 Series - Continuous Rotation

The SG20 - Continuous Rotation model has no limit to the amount of travel. The HSR-M9382TH has been programmed so that the signal that it receives controls the speed of the gearbox rather than the specific position.


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