Servo Power Board (assembled with full pins)


The Servo Power Board allows you to cleanly isolate current and voltage from your receiver to protect the tiny traces within from burning out. One side of the board shares a direct connection with your servo controller while the other allows servos (up to 8) to be plugged in. The positive trace is split between the servo controller side and the servo side so that you can supply power to the solder pads without sending that power on to the servo controller. This is advantageous in setups where the servos require a different voltage than the servo controller. If you want to share the voltage between the servos and the controller you can add a lead to the solder pads labeled ‘RX’. This setup will still protect the controller from the current drawn by the servos as the current will travel between the battery and the servos and not through the controller. 

This version comes fully assembled so that the user can plug male to male servo extensions (sold separately) in the ‘channel’ side and servos into the ‘servo’ side. 






Weight 0.96 oz
Number of Channels 8
Max Current Per Channel 3A per channel continuous / up to 9A total

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