Standard Servo Plate A

This standard servo plate gives you the ability to mount a standard size servo and opens up possibilities for mounting to Actobotics.  The 6-32 holes align with the holes in the tabs of most standard size servos and give you just a bit of adjustment forward and aft before you cinch the screws down.  Most servos require 6-32 x ¼" screws.  If you use a pan head screw there is adequate surface area; if you prefer socket head screws, we recommend adding washers under the heads to disperse the force on the plastic case of the servo.  The numerous slots on the sides will align about anywhere you can imagine when paired with Actobotics Channel.  Standoffs or spacers compliment this mount nicely for holding it a particular distance from a parallel surface.




Material Aluminum
Weight .24 oz (6.9g)
Finish Clear Anodized