Steel 1/4" D-Bore Barrel Hub for Worm Gear

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This D-bore hub is designed to be used with the 27 Tooth Worm Gear or the 26 Tooth Bevel Gear.  While both have the potential to be demanding on a hub, it’s the worm gears that have driven this hub to being made of steel, and with huge 8-32 pinch bolts.  With the 27:1 ratio gear reduction of the worm, there’s potential to generate massive amounts of torque.  With the combination of the D-bore, the steel body and large fasteners, there’s little chance in having this hub slip, strip or fail even in the most rigorous application. 

Note that this hub is built with a condensed 0.575" bolt pattern, which strays from the standard Actobotics 0.770” pattern.  This specialized pattern, found in both the worm gears and the bevel gears, is necessary to allow clearance for the rotating parts within Actobotics Channel.  



Material Steel
Weight 1.14 oz (32g)
Finish Zinc-Plated

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