Tactic TTX410 Transmitter w/TR635 Receiver


DISCONTINUED This product has been discontinued.


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Whether you're starting out or moving up, the TTX410 has a lot to offer at a very reasonable price. It gives you the dependability of 2.4GHz technology with the added security of SLT - the same protocol used in the receivers of all Tx-R aircraft. Push the included TR625 receiver's button, and you create an instant, unbreakable link between it and the transmitter. Linking other receivers is just as easy, so you can use the TTX410 as your go-to-transmitter for any of your aircraft with an SLT receiver. Attractive, affordable and thoroughly dependable, the TTX410 is an outstanding investment for today and a great system for your flying future.

System Includes

  • 2.4GHz Transmitter
  • 2.4GHz Receiver 
  • Battery Tray (4-cell)
  • Switch Harness w/ Charge Lead
  • Neck Strap
  • Full Instructions


  • Wireless trainer system, plus wired system with a 3.5mm round jack
  • Digital trims with memory, fast/slow step adjustment and sounds cues (all channels)
  • Servo reversing (all channels)
  • V-tail and elevon mixing
  • Quad-bearing gimbals
  • Adjustable stick lengths
  • Low-voltage & no trainer signal alarms
  • Charge jack for optional rechargeable batteries
  • Internal antenna
  • Mode 1 / Mode 3 selectableOn/Off Switch
  • Factory-set fail-safes (aileron, elevator & rudder) 
  • User-settable throttle fail-safe
  • Compact, lightweight TR625 twin antenna receiver with push-button linking


Number of Channels 4
Transmitter Battery (4) "AA" alkaline, NiCd or NiMH cells (3.4-7.0V; not included)

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