Unassembled Actobotics® Dual Motor Controller


The Actobotics® Dual Motor Controller provides a compact solution for controlling 2 brushed DC motors. The small footprint of the controller fits down inside the channel and the mounting holes perfectly align with the hub pattern which perforates the Actobotics® building system. This controller has 4 selectable modes.


  1. Actobotics Dual Motor Driver Board,
  2. Jumpers

Note: Does not include screw terminals


Four Selectable Modes:

  1. Digital Speed Control Mode (RC Mode)
    The motor’s speed and direction will be controlled by a 1000 - 2000 µs digital PWM signal.
    1000 µs = 100% in one direction
    1500 µs = No movement
    2000 µs = 100% in the other direction
  2. Analog Speed Control Mode
    The motor’s speed and direction will be controlled by an analog voltage. The voltage is commonly controlled by a potentiometer. We recommend one with at least 1K of resistance such as our 5K potentiometer board.
    0V = 100% in one direction
    1.65V = No movement
    3.3V = 100% in the other direction
  3. Split Mode
    Channel 1 operates in Position Control Mode while Channel 2 operates under Digital Speed Control Mode.
  4. Position Control Mode (Servo Mode)
    In this mode the motor controller acts like a servo controller. Both channels will utilize a PWM signal as the target position, and an analog voltage (usually via a potentiometer) as the current position. If the current position does not match the target position the motor will be driven until they match.

Tech Tips:


Channels 2
Max PWM Signal Range (Default) 1000 - 2000 µsec
Operating Temperature -40°C - 105°C
Motor Type Brushed DC
Weight 0.42 oz (12g)
Input Voltage Range 4.8V - 16V
Input Signal Voltage Range 3.3V - 5V
Max Current per Channel (Continuous) 10A
Max Current per Channel (Peak) 30A

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