V-Wheel Kit B

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This ball-bearing v-wheel kit works in conjunction with X-Rail to create smooth linear motion. The Acetal construction of the v-wheels offers high durability and wear resistance. The internal ball bearing has an ID of 5mm and the overall v-wheel diameter is 0.60”.  Four 5mm to 1/4” tapped standoffs are included to make it easy to attach the miter wheel to channel or other Actobotics® components. The 1” standoff length provides plenty of clearance for the attached component to slide onto the extrusion as shown in the pictures.

The X-Rail Roller Bracket is sold separately.

Kit Includes

Qty SKU Product Description
4 615452 V-Wheel with Ball Bearings
1 633162 V-Wheel Standoff B (4 pack)
4 632106 0.250" (1/4") 6-32 Zinc-Plated Socket Head Machine Screws 
4 632306 0.250" (1/4") 6-32 Button Head Hex Drive Screw


Weight 0.99 oz (28g)

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