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Wing Mount

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This universal micro servo wing mount is designed to be epoxied into a 2” diameter hole by 9/16” deep in the bottom or top of a skinned wing. The “top” of the mount features an aerodynamic fairing engineered to streamline airflow around the servo linkage. Care should be taken during the installation process to keep the top flush with the wing surface. The top is secured with three countersunk screws that are removable for easy access to the servo in accommodating removal and installation. Included in this package are four (4) sets of mounting adaptors to accommodate several different manufacturers micro servos. Snap the appropriate adaptor on the mounting lug on the servo of your choice, install it, screw down the top and go flying! This mount fits the following Micro Size Hitec servos: - HS-81 - HS-82MG - HS-85BB - HS-85MG, - HS-5085MG - HS-5087MH


Product Weight 1.12 oz
Material Plastic
Servo Size Compatibility Micro

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