The Actobotics X-Rail® extrusion compliments the already extensive building system. The ‘X’ profile provides a slot in the center of each of the four sides to capture X-Rail Mounts and solidly fasten components anywhere along the rail. While that would exhaust the ingenuity of other brands of extrusion, the Actobotics X-Rail has other key features that increase the versatility. The corners have been radiused so that the X-rail has a 1" diameter - this means you can install it into a 1" bearing and use it as an axle or you can even use 1" clamps to fasten components at any point along the rail and at any angle. The 3/8” bore can be used as a passage for shafting, threaded rod, or routing wires but it can also be used to locate a 3/8" OD ball bearing in order to create a rotating assembly.  Dimensionally, the X-Rail is exactly half the size of the channel so that the geometry remains correct for expanding your assembly with additional Actobotics parts. (Patented)


Open X-Rail®

Open X-Rail is similar in design and function to the original X-Rail, but with an open side to lend itself to some linear motion possibilities not otherwise possible. The Open X-Rail grants access to the internal bore so items driven by a lead screw, such as the 6mm Lead Screw Nut for Open X-Rail, can protrude through the open slot. Use Open X-Rail to create a compact XY table, CNC router or wire cutter with ease! Patents pending.

X-Rail® Accessories

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