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XT30 Lead (MH-FC, 300mm Length)

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This XT30 lead consists of 300mm length, 16AWG, bonded wire that is terminated in an XT30 (MH-FC) connector on one end and bare wires on the other.  This XT30 connector is the same as found on many of our batteries, and is commonly used on the source of power.  If you are converting from an old-school connector, such as Deans, Tamiya or Anderson and feel more comfortable soldering wires together than soldering the connector on the end of the wires, this lead gives you the ability to make that swap with ease.


XT30 Lead (MH-FC, 300mm Length)

Product Weight 0.56oz (16g)
Wire Length 300mm (11.81")
Wire Gauge 16AWG
Wire Insulation Material PVC
Connector Type XT30 [Male Housing, Female Contact]

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