1/4" Bore Side Tapped Pillow Block

SKU: Build System: Actobotics

DISCONTINUED This product has been discontinued.


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Discontinued - Consider This Alternative:

A Pattern Mount (SKU: 545360), in conjunction with a 1/4" Flanged Bearing (SKU: 1601-0002-0250), can be used in place of this 535130 Pillow Block. Since the bearing is a slip-fit into the 1/2" hole of the Pattern Mount, be sure to constrain it with a collar or nearby component.

This ¼" pillow block is able to slide down inside of channel and mount solidly from each side with 6-32 screws.  Doing this not only provides a solid mount for the bearing, but it also provides additional support to the channel by tying the sides together.  The holes on the face are on the Actobotics 0.77" hub pattern and can be used to fasten a hub spacer or bracket to.



Material Aluminum Housing, High-Carbon Steel Bearing
Weight 0.46 oz (13g)
Static Load 84 lbs
Max RPM 50,000
Bearing ID .250"
Dynamic Load 186 lbs

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