(1) XT90 to (3) XT30 Y-Harness (Single FH-MC XT90 to Triple MH-FC XT30, 150mm Length)


This 150mm Length XT90 to XT30 Y-Harness triples your XT90-to-XT30 possibilities by offering a way to split out the power from an XT90 input (such as the goBILDA® Smart Dock) across three different XT30 outputs to feed juice to your electronics and motion components.

It’s a fantastic solution for a wheeled chassis project that uses two motor controllers. With this Y-Harness in your wiring setup, you can use just one XT90 input to cover those two bad boys and power your chassis’ headlight with the third XT30 output!


Connector XT90 FH-MC [Female Housing, Male Contact] to (3) XT30 MH-FC [Male Housing, Female Contact]
Wire Length 150mm
Weight 26g (0.92oz)
Wire Gauge 16AWG
Wire Insulation Material Silicone
Wire Material Stranded Copper

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