goBILDA® Smart Dock for 20V Battery (DEWALT® 20V MAX Compatible)

SKU: Build System: goBILDA
This is NOT competition legal in the FIRST® Tech Challenge.

This goBILDA® Smart Dock is a perfect way to power your project with a mighty 20V Li-ion battery! Just dock your favorite 20V battery that has the DEWALT® 20V MAX form factor, and put your project in motion. (The 20V, 6Ah Li-ion Battery with LCD Capacity Meter is a perfect fit!)

Your 20V battery brings the brawn. The Smart Dock lives up to its name with its safety-ensuring brains! Its smart protection features mean your battery won’t be damaged by the demands of the device it powers. Multiple status LEDs on its side give you real-time info about the juice left in your battery while also notifying you of any temperature, current, or voltage errors. Power is output from the dock’s XT90 connector.

Incorporating this dock into your build is easy, thanks to an aluminum base with thru-holes and threaded holes on the goBILDA® pattern that allow for versatile mounting within the goBILDA® ecosystem!

Battery Compatibility

The goBILDA® Smart Dock is compatible with the following batteries:

  • The 20V, 6Ah Li-ion Battery with LCD Capacity Meter.
  • DEWALT® 20V MAX batteries.
  • DEWALT® 18V XR Batteries*. This branding is used outside of the USA for many DEWALT® slide-in style flat-top batteries.
  • DEWALT® 20V/60V FLEXVOLT® batteries.
  • DEWALT® 18V/54V FLEXVOLT® batteries.

*18V XR batteries are slide-in style, unlike the bottom-insert style of DEWALT® NiMH batteries, which are branded as 18V in the US and are NOT compatible.

⚠️Li-ion Battery Safety Notice:Lithium ion batteries can be dangerous. Please read these safety instructions for Li-ion batteries.

Start Your 20V Journey!

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Output Connector Style XT90 (MH-FC)
Weight 159g (5.6oz)

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