12” Boosted Extension


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Our 12” Boosted Extensions and Y’s are great for micro servos up to 1/4 scale and digital servos. They offer 22awg wire and come with gold plated connectors for super low resistance.

What is a buffer-booster extension?
A buffer-booster extension is basically a servo signal amplifier. It boosts the signal from the receiver so that the servo receives a cleaner, clearer, more powerful signal.

Under what circumstance is a buffer-booster extension needed?
Whenever you are running a servo over a considerable distance (24"+) from the receiver or you are running two or more servos off of the same channel. Each servo absorbs a little of the servo control signal coming out of the receiver. As more servos are added, the signal to each servo is weakened. The effect of multiple servos (as in two or more servos on a Y-harness) add up and therfore may cause jittering or lack of constant control.

Does is it matter what voltage of battery is being used?
Some servos utilize circuits that set an input threshold level at a certain fraction of the line voltage so that any signal below the threshold will be rejected as random noise. Unfortunately, the threshold is normally about 50% of the power supply voltage. This works fine for 4.8V batteries (threshold is 2.4V) or partially discharged 6V batteries (threshold is 3V) but a fully charged 6V battery peaks out at 7.2V (threshold of 3.6V) or multiple servos on a 6V system threshold 3V but multiple servos load the receiver output to below 3V which leads to intermittent or jittery operation. A buffer-booster will increase the line signal voltage back up to your original power supply input levels.

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