Signal-Boosting Servo Extension (3-Pos TJC8, MH-FC to FH-MC, 300mm Length)

This is NOT competition legal in the FIRST® Tech Challenge.

Sometimes servo control signals can weaken over a long distance of wire or by being shared by multiple servos. A weak signal causes servos to jitter. The Signal-Boosting Servo Extension restores the signal by boosting the signal amplitude back up to the voltage sent from your battery or power supply. Simply plug-in the Signal-Boosting Servo Extension near your servo, and say farewell to jitters!

Tech Tip

Both our Boosted Servo-Extension and 4 Channel Servo Extension via CAT6 offer a way to control your servos at longer distances while addressing any signal issues. Take your pick based on your projects’ needs!

  • The Signal-Boosting Servo Extension is great to have in your toolbox for any project. It performs excellently as a plug-and-play signal strength solution for a single channel.
  • The 4 Channel Servo Extension via CAT6 is a long-distance and multiple-servo wire management solution that maintains signal strength. It allows you to use whatever CAT6 cable length (up to 100 ft) suits your use-case! It also provides the option to power the servos from the extension’s receiving board, nearest the servos.


Connector Male 3-Pos TJC8 / Female 3-Pos TJC8
Wire Gauge 22 AWG
Wire Length 300mm
Weight 8.8g (0.31oz)
Wire Insulation Material ABS Plastic
Source / Sink Current 2A
Absolute Max Voltage Range 4 - 20V
Recommended Voltage Range 5V-16V
Input Pulldown Resistor 100K

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