1206 Series Pattern Adaptor (16-4)


This pattern adaptor contains thru-holes for M4 screws on the goBILDA 16mm pattern, 6-32 UNC threaded holes on the Actobotics 0.77" hub pattern and thru-holes for 6-32 screws on the Actobotics 1.5” hub pattern.  Use it to adapt a 5202 Series Yellow Jacket Gear Motor to your Actobotics assembly or fasten structural components together with ease when mixing the two systems. When using with a 5202 Series Yellow Jacket Gear Motor, the included M4 screws will nest down into the counterbores of the part to allow the motor/adaptor assembly to rest flush against the Actobotics part you wish to fasten to.



Weight 0.49oz (14g)
Material Aluminum
Finish Clear Anodized