15 RPM Precision Spur Gear Motor


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Tech Tip

Stalling this gearmotor could cause gear damage.



Output Shaft Style D-shaft
Motor Type Brushed DC
Output Shaft Support Bushing
Gear Material Brass Primary, Plastic Secondary
Steel on Subsequent Stages
Weight 230g (8.11oz)
Voltage (Nominal) 12V
Voltage Range (Recommended) 3V -12V
Speed (No Load @ 12VDC) 15 rpm
Current (No Load @ 12VDC) 0.08A
Current (Stall @ 12VDC) 1.3A
Torque (Stall @ 12VDC) 361 oz-in (26 kgf-cm)
Gearbox Style Straight Cut Spur
Connector Type Male Spade Terminal
Motor Brush Type Graphite
Gear Ratio 200:1

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