Roboclaw 2x7A Motor Controller


The RoboClaw 2x7A motor controller by Ion Motion Control can supply two brushed DC motors with 7.5 Amps continuous and up to 15 Amps peak. With its multi mode interface it can be controlled from USB, RC radio, serial devices, analog and or microcontrollers such as an Arduino or Raspberry Pi. Dual quadrature encoders with up to 19.6 million pulses per second are supported. In addition, a wide range of sensor inputs including potentiometers and absolute encoders are supported. RoboClaw's close loop functionality creates absolute control over speed, velocity and direction regardless of loading changes. At the heart of RoboClaw is a high performance motion control intelligence which achieves high precision control and optimum motor performance in open or closed loop modes. With RoboClaw's synchronous regenerative capabilities it will charge a supply battery during slow down or braking action. With it's advanced circuitry it can also change direction during full throttle without damage! RoboClaw also incorporates a lithium cutoff mode protecting batteries from damage.

- USB Interface
- 3.3V Compliant Outputs
- 5V Tolerant Inputs
- Quadrature Encoders
- Absolute Encoders
- Position and Velocity Control
- Encoders Supported in all Modes
- High Resolution Current Sense
- High Speed Direction Change
- 5V 3A Switch Mode BEC
- Battery Level Monitoring
- Dual Channel Quadrature Decoding
- Dual 19,600,000 PPS Per Channel
- Thermal Protection
- Regenerative Braking
- Serial, RC or Analog Control
- Easy to Use
- Can be Bussed


Channels 2
Motor Type Brushed DC
Weight 0.64 oz
Control Input Serial, RC or Analog Control
Max Voltage 34 VDC
Max Current Per Channel 15A
Max Current per Channel (Continuous) 7.5A

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