2:1 Bevel Gear Set (6mm Bore Pinion, 1/4" Bore Spur)

SKU: Build System: Actobotics

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This 2:1 ratio bevel gear set is built for strength!  The 13 tooth, 6mm D-Bore pinion gear is all steel and has a built-in clamp that will wrap around a motor shaft for a tight hold.  The 26 Tooth Hub Mount Bevel Gear fastens to the 1/4" D-Bore Clamping Hub with included 6-32 screws so that you can mount it on a 1/4" shaft.  The combo of gears is built to work on a 0.75" spacing so that you can use channel as the framework.

Set Includes:

Qty SKU Product Description
1 615460 26T, 1/4" Bore, 20 Pitch, Hub Mount Bevel Gear
1 615458 13 Tooth, 6mm D-Bore, 20 Pitch Shaft Mount Bevel Gear
1 545694

Steel 1/4" D-Bore Barrel Hub for Worm Gear



Weight 2.6oz

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