2319 Series MOD 1.25 Steel Miter Gear (8mm REX™ Bore, 30 Tooth)


This 8mm REX™ bore 2319 Series Miter Gear is designed to mesh with another 2319 Series Miter Gear while achieving positive drive on 8mm REX™ shafting.

A miter gear is a specific type of bevel gear. When meshed together, a pair of miter gears creates a 1:1 ratio and transmits power at a 90 degree angle due to the 45 degree pitch cone angle.

Engineered for High-Torque Applications

The 2319 Series Miter Gears are specially designed to maximize performance in high-torque applications. The large teeth extend the length of the gear to increase the area of the gear-to-gear mesh, and the long length of the “barrel” bore provides for maximal gear-to-shaft contact. Both qualities result in highly precise, no-slip rotation on a shaft.

Set-screws are absent in favor of a simple slip-fit installation. The underneath side of the gear is strategically designed so that when you space the gear 1.5mm from the inside wall of 1120 Series U-Channel (or any 43mm wide structure), the gears will mesh perfectly. In that vein, it’s convenient that a 1611 Series Flanged Ball Bearing protrudes 1.5mm into channel when installed on the outside. Alternatively, you can install the bearing on the inside—and still achieve the same 1.5mm distance—by installing a 0.5mm thick shim between the gear and bearing.

Titanium Nitride Finish

A titanium nitride finish provides high-grade, low-friction material performance in tandem with the gear’s already robust steel construction. Titanium nitride is the same finish commonly found on heavy-duty equipment like drill bits; as such, this gear’s resistance to wear is off-the-charts!



Weight 28g
Material Steel
Finish Titanium Nitride
Pressure Angle 20°

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