25 Tooth 0.500" Servo Shaft


This 25T spline servo shaft is an integral part of a ServoBlock™.  It possesses a ½” OD to allow a ½” bore bearing to slide on, providing support to the shaft.  While the 525123 Servo Hub Shaft version provides threaded holes to fasten to, this model may be the more versatile option as it allows a ½” clamping hub to slide on and tighten down.  Using a clamping hub not only allows for axial adjustment, but it also allows you to clock the part that’s fastened to the top without removing the servo horn.  

Tech Tips:

The Servo Shaft Attachment also works in conjunction with our ServoBlocks.



Servo Spline H25T Spline
Material Aluminum
Weight 0.22 oz (6.1g)
IP Patented

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