26 Tooth, 1/4" Bore, 20 Pitch, Hub Mount Bevel Gear


The 26 Tooth Hub Mount Bevel Gear is the match to a 13 Tooth Shaft Mount Bevel Gear.  The combination creates a 2:1 ratio with a 90 degree output.  The bevel gears allow you to transfer power through a shaft, down the length of the channel and to a perpendicular final shaft holding a wheel or piece of your final drive.  These gears are constructed of hardened steel that has been zinc-coated for excellent durability and wear characteristics.   Given the limited clearance between the hub mount gear and shaft mount gear, the mounting pattern is condensed from the standard 0.770" pattern and a 1/4" D-Bore Clamping Hub for Hub Mount Bevel Gear is required for proper mounting to a 1/4" D-shaft.



Material Hardened Steel
Weight 1.03 oz (29g)
# of teeth 26

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