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32P, 24T C1 Spline Servo Mount Gears (Metal)

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32P, 24T C1 Spline Servo Mount Gears (Metal)
32P, 24T C1 Spline Servo Mount Gears (Metal)
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Finally a way to drive gears using servos! Our patented 32 pitch Hitec metal gears are designed to attach directly to the output spline of a servo. All gears are broached directly into the metal to ensure a snug fit that will not slip. These gears are designed to fit the standard 24 tooth Hitec output spline. Patented

ToothPart #P.D.O.D.
12 615274 .375” .438”
16 615278 .500” .563”
20 615282 .625” .688”
24 615286 .750” .813”
32 615290 1.000” 1.063”

 32P, 24T C1 Spline Servo Mount Gears (Metal)

Face Width = 1/4” (.250”)
Pressure Angle = 20°

Material Brass


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zip615274 STEP(103.75 KB )Download
zip615278 STEP(135.26 KB )Download
zip615282 STEP(168.03 KB )Download
zip615286 STEP(199.89 KB )Download
zip615290 STEP(264.9 KB )Download

Example: Using distance B (1.5”) with 32P gears
Total tooth count (pinion gear + spur gear) must equal 96
For an application that requires a 3:1 ratio:
24T pinion gear + 72T spur gear = 96 total tooth count
72 ÷ 24 = 3 (3:1 ratio)

Center-Center Distance

Total Tooth Count 
(32 Pitch)

A (0.75”)


B (1.5”)


C (2.25”)


Gear Mesh Chart

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