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32P, 25T 3F Spline Servo Mount Gears (Metal)

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32P, 25T 3F Spline Servo Mount Gears (Metal)
32P, 25T 3F Spline Servo Mount Gears (Metal)
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Finally a way to drive gears using servos! Our patented 32 pitch Futaba metal gears are designed to attach directly to the output spline of a servo. All gears are broached directly into the metal to ensure a snug fit that will not slip. These gears are designed to fit the standard 25 tooth Futaba output spline. Patented

Tooth Part # P.D. O.D.
12 615294 .375” .438”
16 615298 .500” .563”
20 615302 .625” .688”
24 615306 .750” .813”
32 615310 1.000” 1.063”


Material Brass


Download Attachment
zip615294 STEP(130.46 KB )Download
zip615298 STEP(163.61 KB )Download
zip615302 STEP(196.24 KB )Download
zip615306 STEP(228.41 KB )Download
zip615310 STEP(294.75 KB )Download

Example: Using distance B (1.5”) with 32P gears
Total tooth count (pinion gear + spur gear) must equal 96
For an application that requires a 3:1 ratio:
24T pinion gear + 72T spur gear = 96 total tooth count
72 ÷ 24 = 3 (3:1 ratio)

Center-Center Distance

Total Tooth Count 
(32 Pitch)

A (0.75”)


B (1.5”)


C (2.25”)


Gear Mesh Chart

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