4 Stage Viper-Slide Kit (Belt-Driven, 336mm Slides)


This 4 Stage Viper-Slide Kit achieves smooth and stable slide motion with its belt-drive basis. Between steel Viper-Slides and easy-to-use 2mm pitch GT2 belt components, it has a strong backbone and smooth assembly process with multiple avenues for customization.

Belt Drive

A timing belt adds simplicity and reliability to the drive system. Say goodbye to controlling tension variances with a spring, and hello to quick rigging and excellent consistency from one cycle to the next. Whereas cable has the ability to move about freely when slack is introduced, a belt is limited by its width, and thus easier to tame.


This kit is highly mountable to almost anything goBILDA®. Its extension end boasts a grid-pattern of both thru-holes and threaded holes for the secure attachment of components. We’re talking ServoBlocks™, U-Channel, and more!

Unlimited Direction, Awesome Distance

This kit’s stable linear motion means you can extend it in whatever direction you choose.
It’s capable of a maximum of 976mm (38.4”) of travel (difference between retracted and extended length) while measuring a compact 384mm (15.1”) top-to-bottom retracted length.

Motor Compatibility

Just install a motor of your choice to get the Viper-Slide Kit up and running! The kit’s 1201-0043-0005 Pattern Mount and 8mm REX Sonic Hub are both super-compatible with whatever goBILDA® 5203 Series Yellow Jacket Planetary Gear Motor you choose.

Configurable Travel Distance

A 60 Tooth GT2 Pulley drives this kit 120mm per rotation. With a maximum travel distance of 976mm (38.4”), the kit reaches full extension at ~8.1 rotations of its motor’s shaft.

The fastest motor we recommend is a 13.7:1 (435RPM) gear motor. That ratio can extend all four stages in about 1.2 seconds! Because of such high potential speed, we recommend using the encoder on the 5203 Series motor to start and stop your kit at appropriate limits.

Don't Forget

Be sure to purchase the 5203 Series Yellow Jacket Planetary Gear Motor of your choice to power this kit. If you’re using a REV control hub, don't forget to pick up a motor cable adaptor! We also highly recommend using your motor’s encoder. If you do so, you’ll need an encoder cable.

Already have a Cable-Driven 4 Stage Viper-Slide Kit?

This upgrade pack includes all the 2mm pitch GT2 components to convert your Cable-Driven 4 Stage Viper Slide Kit to one that’s driven via a 2mm pitch GT2 timing belt!


Weight 1502g (Motor Not Included)

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